The Nordic Bell friends welcome you

to a society with focus on bells, carillon and organ music. 

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From the charter of the association:

"The society aims at developing and spreading knowledge about and interest for all sorts of bells and carillons,

in an instructive, cultural and historical manner."

Our last conference tooke place

in the Sound region

that is

in Malmö and Landskrona, Sweden

and in Fredensborg and Gurre, Denmark

in August 8 - 10, 2008.

Our annual conference 2006 took place in

Aalborg, Denmark in August 3 - 6, 2006.

Our annual conference 2005 took place in

Norrköping and Linköping, Sweden in August 18 - 21, 2005.

Out of the agenda:

Carillon recitals by Arne Lindgren and Per Thunarf

Lecture on International Ringing Traditions by Arne Lindgren

Organ recital by Olle Elgenmark on Bach, Elgenmark and Widor

Our annual conference 2004 took place in Kolding, Denmark September 2 - 5.

S:t Nikolai Church, Vejle, Denmark

From the agenda 2004:

Organ recital by Olle Elgenmark

Visit to the Tubalka Bell Foundry in Vejle

Carillon recitals  by Erik Kure and Ulla Laage

Lecture on bells and carillons by Arne Lindgren

Some other pictures from the conference 2004

More pictures

The board of The Nordic Bellfriends:

Agneta Elgenmark, Arne Lindgren, Ulla Laage and Allan Bäck



Great inauguration of a new carillon in Copenhagen 2003

The Church of the Holy Spirit at the pedestrian street "Strøget" in Copenhagen

Click here to see pictures from the event!





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We had our first

Annual conference in Copenhagen

September 27-29, 2002 Among others:

Visit in the City hall of Copenhagen

and lecture by the Danish composer

Bent Lorentzen



Church and parish house of  St. John, Copenhagen,

where we met in September 27-29


Some of the annual conference attenders in the year 2002


Links to more pictures from the conference 2002:

Copenhagen bell conference 1.

Copenhagen bell conference 2.

Photos on the Thursday and Friday events 2003

Photos from the Saturday and the Sunday 2003


Here you can read Ulla Laage´s article on

The Concert Carillon


Great bell in St John´s Church,

Copenhagen, Denmark





Carilloneur plays  in  Sta Clara Church in  Stockholm, Sweden



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Contact us:

Agneta Elgenmark, webbmaster and photographer:

Ulla Laage, president:, Allan Bäck   

Do so, if you want to join us, if you want to register for a meeting or you need some information!


Updated 15 September  2008